Happy 2017!

Hi everyone, and a very delayed Happy New Year 🙂 I took some time off blogging, things at work were a little crazy, I work part time for an e-commerce company and worked full time due to things being super hectic there. Things are still crazy, but I am back to concentrating on my career… Continue reading Happy 2017!


Beginners guide to start exercising – 10 steps to get you going.

Some good advise if you want to start the road to fitness 🙂

The Reawakening of Dad

man-641691When you were younger you were always running, riding a bike, swimming, walking and playing sports with my friends. Then time started to fly by and soon you were married with kids or working long hours. You were busy and weren’t dedicating any time to take care of your body. Well that is if you were like me and let things slide. Then before you knew it you were struggling to open a jar of pickles, running a short distance, or any type of exercise.

For me, I had always looked thin but for the first time I realized I was now obese with the other 33 percent of the US’s population. I didn’t see it happening but it sneaked up on me and if I think about it, I had become what I ate. My neck was gelatinous, my thighs had stretch marks, and my belt had a few…

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How growth happens (The original sketch)

Awesome post and an artistic representation of life by one of my friends 🙂 Take heart guys!


For interest sake, this is how the original sketch went…My wife told me it’s a bit depressing but I feel that life is more like this one. A constant journey of hoping, growing, being brought back down to earth again and starting again but each time growing more in your intended direction.001

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Screw worrying about cellulite! … and other body boo boos.

So all of winter I had been looking forward to spring: balmy days and getting out of all my millions of layers! But the closer to spring I got, the more worried I became. I love wearing shorts but as the years have gone on, I have been getting more and more cellulite. It started… Continue reading Screw worrying about cellulite! … and other body boo boos.


How To Say What You Mean 

Awesome post!

Teach. Workout. Love

This picture is so spot on because it is absolutely true. Most people are afraid of saying want they mean or what they’re thinking because they don’t want to be mean or sound like a jerk. Again, this only applies to mostpeople, not all.

Here are a few ways to speak up in front of others in a healthy, direct and communicative way.

  1. Avoid unhealthy communication styles:text messaging, emails, Facebook messages… These are all unhealthy communication ways ! The best is face to face. Also, this means when someone says something you don’t agree with, to speak up at the moment and not 3 weeks later. It is important to say what you mean and mean what you say.
  2. Use appropriate language: cursing and telling someone how you feel when you are angry never, ever works. Most people don’t respond well when being yelled at and it’s important…

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