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Tips to survive Christmas and an update on my health and veganism

Hi guys It's been a while, sorry about that. Things have been a little hectic. I think it's also just that time of year where everyone is screaming for a break! I had quite a few months of feeling really anxious. Changing careers and starting from scratch is hard. But I am glad that I… Continue reading Tips to survive Christmas and an update on my health and veganism

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How to prevent breast cancer

The month of October in South Africa is breast cancer awareness month. I have had family members who had breast cancer, and I have had friends who had breast cancer. Some have triumphed and some lost the battle, so this cause is very close to my heart. Because it runs in my family, I too… Continue reading How to prevent breast cancer

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Struggling to drink enough water?

I will be honest with you, I am definitely struggling to drink enough water. It's winter here in South Africa, and in general, I am not a winter person, and I fall off the health bandwagon every year. I struggle with getting in enough water the most. I know that a lot of people struggle… Continue reading Struggling to drink enough water?

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We all want strong, healthy bones

As the name of this post states, good bone health is something that we all want. If you don't, you should. Here's why: our bones help to keep us upright, allow us to move, and protect our vital organs. So what can we do to keep them strong and healthy? Please note ladies, that we are at… Continue reading We all want strong, healthy bones

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Hurting a muscle

Ouch! I hurt my right oblique muscle a few weeks ago and ouch describes my experience pretty well. I had also pulled my left calf muscle while doing either long jump or hurdles back in primary school, honestly can't remember which caused my ouch back then. I am not a doctor, so I won't be… Continue reading Hurting a muscle

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Weak knees?

It could be that you have weak knees for a couple of reasons. Perhaps you had a previous injury like dislocating your knee cap, or you run often and the constant pressure on your knees is taking its toll, or weight changes have affected them, etc. I was a tom boy and forever banging my… Continue reading Weak knees?

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Finding motivation

So during the last few months, I have definitely fallen off the wagon a little. I recently had a bit of an aha moment. We all have values, but so often, despite having those values, the way we live sometimes doesn't reflect that we have those values. I think that sometimes we lose sight of… Continue reading Finding motivation

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All about good posture

I'm sure we've all been told not to slouch at some point in our lives, by parents, grand parents, teachers, etc. When you're a teen it all seems like something old people say to irritate you and take you out of that comfy position you're sitting in. But as we get older, I'm sure we… Continue reading All about good posture

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Flu vaccine- Yes or No?

After a bout of flu a few weeks ago, I am definitely going to say yes. I am usually not a sickly person at all, I would maybe get the sniffles during the winter and a cough here or there, but other than that I never really got sick. But this year is a different… Continue reading Flu vaccine- Yes or No?

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Can you rev your metabolism?

For the most part, the speed of your metabolism is determined by genetics and a few other things that are beyond your control. But there are a few things you can do to speed it up a little or give it a bit of a kick. The great news is that it mostly comes down… Continue reading Can you rev your metabolism?