We’re halfway through January!

Well, just over half way. Can you believe it! Time is certainly flying for me. Last week was my first week back at work, well, to work, since I work from home. It was rough! Waking up a little bit earlier, sitting down and having to actually concentrate for a couple of hours at a… Continue reading We’re halfway through January!


Happy 2018!

Hi Everyone Happy New Year! I feel like 2017 was a very long year that went by quickly if that makes any sense at all. I am still in holiday mode and not quite ready to get into the swing of things just yet. I still have much I want to do and ponder :p… Continue reading Happy 2018!


Early Merry Christmas

Hi guys I know it's early, but Merry Christmas! My husband and I are flying up to be with our family tomorrow. I can't wait! I haven't spent Christmas with family in 4 years and I really miss them every year. So I'm very happy to be spending Christmas with them. It will be sad… Continue reading Early Merry Christmas

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Tips to survive Christmas and an update on my health and veganism

Hi guys It's been a while, sorry about that. Things have been a little hectic. I think it's also just that time of year where everyone is screaming for a break! I had quite a few months of feeling really anxious. Changing careers and starting from scratch is hard. But I am glad that I… Continue reading Tips to survive Christmas and an update on my health and veganism


Appreciate the people and things that matter in life

Hi guys It's with a broken but grateful heart that I write this post today. My Oupa (grandfather)  who has been struggling with heart disease for many years had a heart attack yesterday and passed away this morning. He was a tough cookie, it took 5 heart attacks over the last few years to take… Continue reading Appreciate the people and things that matter in life

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How to prevent breast cancer

The month of October in South Africa is breast cancer awareness month. I have had family members who had breast cancer, and I have had friends who had breast cancer. Some have triumphed and some lost the battle, so this cause is very close to my heart. Because it runs in my family, I too… Continue reading How to prevent breast cancer


Plant sources of iron

Hi everyone Iron is another tricky subject when people consider cutting down on meat or not eating meat at all. But as you'll see there are plenty of sources of iron that don't come from meat or any other animal products. Iron is a very important nutrient. Anyone who has ever been deficient can attest… Continue reading Plant sources of iron


Plant sources of protein

Hi guys So I've been into plant sources of protein a lot more than I was before becoming vegan as I'm sure you can imagine. There are a lot of benefits to eating protein that doesn't come from animals because often the protein from plants contain a lot less saturated fat and are full of… Continue reading Plant sources of protein


How to use proper form when exercising

Recently I started noticing some twinges here and there when I exercise. I know that I have weak knees and ankles so I make sure that I pay attention to using the correct form for any exercises using my legs. But I started noticing this weird feeling in my elbows when I would do pulling… Continue reading How to use proper form when exercising


I’m going vegan!… say what?

No one is more shocked than I am. Eating meat and dairy has always been a part of the way life is here in South Africa as I'm sure it is in many other countries. I have only ever met one vegan before this and I thought he was crazy to be so restrictive with… Continue reading I’m going vegan!… say what?