Setting goals

Deciding on a goal is sometimes the easiest step in setting goals. I have set many goals for myself, some easy, some hard. Unfortunately, as things go sometimes, there are a quite a few of those I haven’t achieved. I think it comes down to why I am trying to achieve this goal, it needs to be worth while. What are the advantages or disadvantages? What amount of time will you need to spend on this goal? What work will you need to put in to achieve this goal? Are you willing to spend the time, effort and possibly money on this goal? It’s often also recommended that you put a time limit on your goal so that it’s not left hanging open ended (else why not work half-heartedly if you have all the time in the world to get it done), which should enable you to plan accordingly. If you set a time limit, make sure that is reasonable. If your time limits are not reasonable, you will quickly become demotivated when you don’t achieve it in the time you set yourself to achieve it.

When setting a time limit, decide what type of goal (time wise) it should be, see the following examples, which are of course only examples, everyone is different and may not take the same amount of time to do things:

Short term goals (0-3 months):

  • Drink more water everyday
  • Eat healthier
  • Complete that 3 month short course
  • Clean the house every week
  • Read a book

Mid term goals (6-9 months)

  • Lost 4-8kg
  • Complete a 6-9 month short course
  • Learn a new language to the point of being semi conversational (can order food, negotiate prices, greetings, etc)

Long term goals (1-5 years):

  • Get a degree
  • Pay off the car
  • Lose 20 kg

Once you have a goal in mind and the motivation to go through with it and achieve that goal, you need to start working on achieving that goal. I always find the going easier when I can see where I’m going, usually, this takes place in my mind, because you won’t see the full effect of what you have done until you arrive at your destination. Although there are often results and milestones that we reach along the way, but often enough you can’t see these things, that is why the why is so important, the reason for doing what you are doing helps to keep you going, that and how much you want it! So whether your goal is to get fit, start a new career or climb higher up that existing ladder in your chosen field, to eat healthier, etc, you not only need to have the motivation to achieve these things, but the drive and action to get things done. Don’t always be so focused on the results, this may sound counterproductive, and certainly you should be working towards achieving that goal which would obviously show results in the end, but sometimes when we are doing something, and we are not getting it right as quickly as we think we should, we get demotivated. It’s better to achieve a goal even if you have to go slower than it is to stop trying at all!

If you are afraid, know that there can be no courage without fear. If you are the kind that likes rushing straight in, perhaps stop and take a second to think what it all may mean and what it will impact. When there is a stumbling block, if this goal is something you feel strongly enough about or you want to achieve it badly enough, you will find a way. You may spend your whole life setting goals and working towards them for various reasons. It’s a constant journey with many ups and downs, but we never grow if we stay stagnant. Believe in yourself! As you get to know yourself, your limits, strengths and weaknesses, you will learn how to overcome obstacles in your way. You are so much stronger than you know. Good luck and have fun along the way 🙂


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